Hadaya's September Sales 2021

September 2021 Special Online Sales

Once again, it's that time of the year. We've found a way to warm up the upcoming winter with special sales of your favorite designs.

  • #WonderWednsday - Every Wednesday, a few designs will go on sale (up to 30% off) for just 12 Hours starting 10am ET / 7am PT. 
  • Flat Name Circle special sale continues -  Our simple necklace and it's bundles deal all discounted, with the Hadaya Amulets options as well. Order 5 necklaces for maximum discount.
  • During any 12 hour sale, Silver designs that go on sale will also have 15% off Gold and Silver design.


Dates, featured designs and prices (10am ET starting time) -

  • Classic Hadaya Sale (September 1st)
    Classic Yeshiva Ring - $65 ($90) Our long time fan favorite ring, three different widths - 5mm, 7mm or 9mm
    Yeshiva Bracelet - $100 ($145) Another long time fan favorite, with a new narrow width added - Narrow (5mm), Medium (7mm) and Wide (9mm)



  • Israel Sale (September 22nd)
    Hamsa Necklace - $105 ($145) An unusual looking Hamsa necklace, made in the style of Hadaya
    Israel Map Necklace - $105 ($140) Wear the map of Israel engraved with your customer Hebrew text
    BookMark - $105 ($145) For those who never wear jewelry but could use the essence engraved on the piece, a unique and usuful bookmark
    Wire Star of David - $135 ($190) The more delicate Hadaya Star of David design, light and small yet noticeable
    Flipping Star of David - $185 ($250) The heavier Star of David option, still rather light weight. Flip it without taking off.
    Israel Money Clip  - $170 ($240) Simple, hand made, Israel map shaped money clip, Hebrew engraved