Team Hadaya


We are proud of our Team Hadaya, working around the clock at the studio and online, handling your orders or inquiries. Many times you will interact with most of the team and the piece we make for you, will be a combined effort.  We’ll do our best to meet your needs, and get the small details right. Though it’s all hand made, whenever possible, we will be happy to time the order process with your timetable.
Our Team Hadaya is consisting of Hadaya’s wife, three sons and thirteen amazing girls! #HadayaGirlPower


Scroll below to read about each team Hadaya member. 


Hadaya Small.pngBaruch Hadaya

Our father, mentor and founder of the company. A true artist.
Has been making jewelry in the old city of Jerusalem since 1983.
Interview and more in our story. Married to Shira, a father of three (Esh, Shahaf, Almog), a grandfather of two.
Sadly passed away in late 2017. He was one of a kind.

Esh Small.pngEsh Hadaya

Hadaya’s son. Our IT manager, copywriter and spokesperson. A singer songwriter.
Developing our Hadaya networks and may contact you via email/chat/social to assist with orders or inquiries.
Joined the team in 1999 and has been taking your online orders since.

Shahaf Small.pngShahaf Hadaya

Hadaya’s son. Our company manager and a skillful jeweler. Manages all our order processing online and offline.
Oversaw the project of making our amazing new website and is now working behind the scenes to better the Hadaya experience. 
Joined the team in 2001. A father of two.

Ella Small.pngElla

Hadaya’s protégé and a true artist. A highly skilled jeweler, will engrave your texts by hand. Was essential in designing and developing our new site.
Joined the team in 2002. A mother of two.

Nirit Small.pngNirit

Our long-time studio supervisor and customer care representative. She is the one to set stones and work with our more complicated jewelry techniques, a highly skilled jeweler we are proud to call our own. Recently, started engraving our designs as well.
Joined the team in 2003. A mother of four.

Naama Small.pngNaama

Our long time studio employee, a skillful jeweler. Will gladly assist you at the studio and make orders by hand. Designed our Closed Bracelet (called "Naama bracelet" at the studio).
Joined the team in 2007. Shira's sister, a mother of two.  

Chanit Small.pngChanit

Our studio supervisor. A skillful jeweler, will take your orders and carefully make everything by hand. She was the one to come up with the Triple Spiral Ring design (at the studio, we still call it “Chanit ring”).
Joined the team in 2011. Introduced her younger sister, Rivka, to the team.

ShiraH Small.pngShira Hadaya

Hadaya's wife. Our company's CEO and group coordinator who has been taking care of both the family and bulk orders. Will communicate with you via email or phone and come meet your group with samples.
Joined the team in 2012. A mother of three (Esh, Shahaf, Almog), a grandmother of two.

Shira Small.pngShira

Our studio employee. A skilled jeweler. Manages our order queue and also our studio photographer. Making most of Hadaya's Long Pasuk rings, if you have one she probably started your ring's production.
Joined the team in 2013. Naama's sister.

Zehava Small.pngZehava

Our group assistant. Will arrive to your group with Shira Hadaya or sometimes welcome you at our studio. Is in charge of payments and validating your address to make sure you will indeed receive your order.
Joined the team in 2014. A mother of two (Lihi is her youngest), a grandmother of four.

Rivka Small.pngRivka

Our studio employee. A skilled jeweler. Will handle and take your orders at the studio with great care.
Joined the team in 2016 following the footsteps of Chanit, her older sister #hadayaSisterhood. A mother of one.


Our studio employee. A skilled jeweler. Will gladly assist you at the studio and process your orders.
Joined the team in 2016. Zehava's youngest daughter. A mother of two.

Oded Small.pngOded

Studio Spiro Creative founder and CEO. 
Oded has been with us throughout the latest major project and is now helping us in developing digital solutions both for the studio and online.
Joined the team in 2016. A father of two.

Sonya Small.pngSonya

Our webmaster and customer care representative. Will gladly assist you with any inquiries via chat or email. Coordinates communications with the studio. Manages our inspirational quote collection of
Joined the team in 2017. A mother of one.


Our online chat representative, assisting you over our website chat. She will answer your questions and note your requests. Manages Hadaya's Instagram account.
Joined the team in 2017.


Our studio employee. Trained as a jeweler, Odelia joined us right out of school. Will gladly assist you at the studio, making and processing your orders. She has hand cut our Israel Map 70th Necklace.
Joined the team in 2017. A mother of three.

Almog-Small.pngAlmog Hadaya

Hadaya's son. Our studio employee. A skillful jeweler. Started working unofficially many years ago and designed a couple of pieces we still carry. Engraving our designs he is officially a 2nd generation engraver. Is also the one to welcome our Sunrise Sale customers when we open daily at 5:30am.
Joined the team in 2018.


Our studio employee. Will assist you with a smile at our studio and process your order.
Joined the team in 2018. Her mother was Hadaya's "first Yeshiva girl" in 1991.


Our studio employee. Will gladly assist you at our studio and take your order with a smile.
Joined the team in 2018.