Hadaya's engravings

"Gam Ze Yaavor" is the engraving which started it all.

After years of making complicated and expensive designs, Hadaya turned in a different direction.
First he would engrave these three simple words on rings (just one kind of design, it was the original Banks design), sometimes on ready made rings which he didn't make, free of charge or for a small fee. Hadaya slowly realized that by making more of those simple designs and developing his engraving technique, he can change his direction completely.

Nowadays, Hadaya is known mostly for his personally engraved pieces which touch every customer as they customize their own or to a friend/family. He takes great joy in making pieces, knowing many would cherish those for life. 

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Hadaya the storyteller

In our first website (1999), the title for Hadaya was "Best storyteller among Jewelers, best Jeweler among Storytellers". Hadaya was known for his many stories and people would come back to hear different stories (or sometimes the same one) and bring their friends.

We will soon have more stories told by Hadaya recorded and available on the site, but for now, feel free to share/download this Gam Ze Yaavor story.