Coming to Israel with a group?

We'll send our Team Hadaya directly to you (with samples and HadayaBooks) to take your orders, then coordinate a drop off, hopefully before you leave Israel.
The advantage of getting your Hadaya items quickly is what we offer to groups who visit Israel.

Although it’s not a sure thing all orders will be ready while you are still in Israel, we do try and speed up group orders according to the date your group will leave Israel. When it’s not enough time we will usually mail it all together so the group can save on shipping costs.

To coordinate a group visit, email us as soon as you have a your itinerary so we can schedule the visit to one of the first days of your trip, the more time we have for production the better the chances are you will get your order while still in Israel.

Groups Contact

Groups Contact

We usually reply within 24-48 hours.