Hadaya's Afikoman Coupons

Pessach 2018 Afikoman Hunt

Hidden throughout our website are $25, $50 and $100 worth coupon codes.
To reveal the coupons you'll have to click and browse through our website.
We have made a short video which shows how to find two coupons - 
Below, a list of Afikoman coupons already found on our site.
* Note that coupons are for all online designs, not just the designs it was found in
** IMPORTANT - you must enable COOKIES or this will not work.


Maxed out Afikoman coupons and where to find them -
1. Selecting the text "you are braver than you believe and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" in any of our Yeshiva designs (then choosing "I'm done" to reavel the coupon).
2. Selecting the text "Forever stick with those who make you smile" in any of our Necklaces designs (then choosing "I'm done" to reavel the coupon).
3. Clicking the "Hadaya's Art (coming soon)" link, in the "Skyline" page will reveal a coupon.
4. In Team Hadaya page - Clicking Odelia's picture, then clicking Shahaf's picture (MAXED OUT).
5. Go to our Team Hadaya page, then click on Almog's picture. After that scroll back up and click on Baruch's picture (MAXED OUT).
6. Go to Hadaya's Book, click on #SmartSaying category, then click on Love & Happiness category.